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HGH Deficiency Treatment in Houston, TX

HGH Deficiency Treatment

Men and women are no longer at the mercy of time and the toll it takes on hormone levels. There are safe and effective options to restore hormonal balance, and HGH deficiency treatment is one that is changing lives.

The more you know about treatment for HGH deficiency, the better able you are to make an educated decision about the rest of your life. Adults who live with HGH deficiency often suffer from a host of unpleasant symptoms.

However, those who seek answers to why their bodies are going through unpleasant changes can find the help they need from experienced hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialists. HRT physicians have the knowledge and understanding of the endocrine system that it takes to restore hormonal balance. Rather than send you for expensive and unnecessary diagnostic tests, they will order the comprehensive blood panels that assess your various hormone levels to determine the appropriate treatment.

HGH deficiency treatment in Houston, TX, is a customized protocol designed for each person’s needs. Two people can both have growth hormone deficiency, yet still receive different treatments.

HGH deficiency treatment is always personalized for what each person’s body needs.

What Are the Options for HGH Deficiency Treatment in Houston, TX?

Treatment for human growth hormone deficiency depends on the needs of the individual. The level of deficiency determines what therapeutic options the hormone specialist will recommend. Some companies mention HGH peptide therapy as an option, and we want to explain what that means, as well as what HGH deficiency treatment includes.

Here are the various options for HGH deficiency treatment in Houston:

  • Human Growth Hormone Injections

    HGH injections have long been considered the best option for treating adult growth hormone deficiency. Bioidentical HGH has the same molecular structure as the growth hormones secreted by the pituitary gland, allowing supplemental HGH to be used immediately upon administration by the growth hormone receptors.

    The benefit of HGH therapy is that it immediately increases growth hormone levels to start to improve the body’s physiological functions while reversing the symptoms of HGH deficiency. HGH therapy is best for adults dealing with the signs of growth hormone decline.

  • Sermorelin Injections

    Before the severity of growth hormone deficiency affects your life, you can use one of two peptide secretagogues to increase HGH secretion. Sermorelin is the first option, and it goes to work directly on the pituitary gland by stimulating the somatotropic cells to produce more growth hormone. Because it takes a few months to see results, sermorelin is best used before widespread symptoms of HGH deficiency occur. You can also use sermorelin along with HGH therapy to both increase immediate growth hormone levels and stimulate further production.

  • Ipamorelin Injections

    Ipamorelin accomplishes the same result as sermorelin (increasing growth hormone production), but it does so in a different way. Instead of working directly on the pituitary gland, ipamorelin decreases the production of somatostatin in the hypothalamus. Somatostatin is the hormone that blocks HGH secretion. Ipamorelin boosts both HGH and insulin growth factor 1 production to aid in increasing muscle development and bone density.

Your treatment options for HGH deficiency will depend on the level of growth hormone decline.

How Do I Get HGH Deficiency Treatment in Houston, TX?

To get treatment for HGH deficiency, you will begin with a consultation with an HRT specialist. Rather than taking time out from your busy life to sit in a waiting room, we offer you our complimentary telephone consultation service. During that initial phone call, you will discuss your symptoms and ask any questions you have. One of our medical advisors will explain all you need to know about diagnosing and treating HGH deficiency.

Next, you will complete our online health history assessment and undergo a physical examination and blood test at convenient locations near you. It is that easy to get HGH deficiency treatment in Houston, Texas. Contact our hormone clinic today for your free consultation.